prada outerwear New Season Collection with Huge Discount, This Seasons New Shapes Solde Longchamp "christian louboutin sizing The most prestigious fashion event in Toronto is back in town and it will be held at the usual venue. It will be organized with the usual flare and for a whole week, you will be able to see some of the leading designers in Canada portraying their creations and latest fashion trends. And it is also one of those times when you need to dress up in the best designer outfit and get a Toronto airport limo booked for the event. The Fashion Week will have weeklong activities with two different types of events, Studio and Runway. Both events will be held in the same venue but different designers have registered for these events. During the whole week, there will be a shortage of airport limousines because the designers, models and visitors mostly hire the Toronto airport limousines.,IT IS time for the chic fashionistas to strut their stuff. It is time for the third edition of the highly successful Bangalore Fashion Week which goes on the floors starting July 22. This four day event will showcase the best collections from designers adorned by the topmost models and attended by top celebrities. Fashion designers though form the most vital link of the ensemble. With so many platforms to showcase their designs and fashion cues changing often, designers have to be on their toes to come up with something new and attractive every time. Creativity, smartness, communication and crisis management abilities are needed the most. A dynamic profession where if one finds a footing, fame and money is never in short supply. Moreover there is space for everyone as long as creativity keeps flowing. So how does one become a fashion designer? With so many institutes offering courses in fashion designing it becomes difficult to select the right institute. Adding to the complexity is the huge demand for fashion designing course since this is one of the fastest growing sectors and with ample spotlight. Fashion designing involves less of theory and more of practical's with a lot of insight into communication techniques, etiquettes, management techniques and crisis handling abilities.Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) has taken all these aspects in its course offering Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Fashion,Prior to pursuing my interest in fashion I was just a unruly teenager that was intrigued by underground elements of art, fashion, music and exploring the latest styles. I always experimented with what I wore and enjoyed standing out from the crowd.

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